Hike from Changu Village to Nagarkot

Entry Point of Changu Narayan Temple

After traveling in the van for about an hour and less from Kathmandu, we reached Changu Narayan Temple, at Changu village, 12km east from the capital which is one of the oldest temples in the history of Nepal, and was named after Champak who was the daughter of Kashmiri King.

We climbed up the stairs towards the temple and worshipped God and took some pictures and then descended towards Changu village for a healthy and heavy breakfast. We ate a mandatory breakfast, “alu, chana, anda, and tea”, and geared up for a 5 hours hike towards Nagarkot.

Alu, Chana, Anda,

Firstly, we walked through the pitched road, later we took shortcuts through the jungle. It was a bright, sunny day; our energy was being soaked by the sun, however, the shades of tall trees cooled us and listening to birds chirping helped us to reenergize ourselves towards Telkot. During our hike, we got to witness a mesmerizing beautiful stretch of the Himalayas like Manaslu range, Ganesh Himal Range, Langtang, Jugal Range, Rolwaling Range, and so forth. The view of the Himalayan range made us forget about the hot climate and refueled us with the energy needed to reach Telkot. We rested in open ground and ate oranges, drank water and clicked some cool photographs and boomerangs for Instagram. After a few minutes of resting, we started to hike downwards towards Telkot.

Mountain View

On our way, we met various species of birds like Serpent Eagle and Little Pied Fly Catchers. We tried our best to stay calm and silent to take their picture but sadly it would fly away when we tried to take that perfect shot. After walking for a while listening to some Newari songs sung by Dipu dai we arrived at Telkot at 11:30 AM and rested at a Chautara waiting for our fellow slow-walking members. While we were waiting, Kalam entertained us with some of the jokes and I, Lijala, and Dipu dai was encouraging him to add more, with our laughter.


After a while, we heard a laugh “hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha” from few meters away and we all knew it was Bikuda, and still, some of the fellow hikers were missing. While waiting, we cracked some jokes to each other and Subash came with a jumbo mouth freezing Cocacola and Haldiram’s Cornflakes Mixture dalmot; God bless him! After reaching Telkot, we asked a local man about the way and sadly we had to walk through the pitched road all the way to reach Nagarkot Bazar.

Running from the hot sun to find shades, then walking slowly in the shades to cool off, this is how we continued walking on the pitched road until we found a shorter path through the jungle towards Nagarkot. We gradually ascended the terraced fields through a Tamang village watching different thatched houses with adjoining shed for animals and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

We reached Nagarkot Bazar at 1:30 PM where we had lunch at Berg House Cafe & Hotel at Nagarkot; I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL FOR LUNCH. After lunch, we had planned to visit Muhan Pokhari which is popular for its mesmerizing waterfall. When we reached Muhan Pokhari we were much more disappointed because the water had all dried up due to the winter.

I started traveling without a bucketlist and now I am here. Welcome to my life, my journey, my passion.